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A part of the United Fronteras project

The Exhibit

This exhibit is the first window opened by our United Fronteras. The exhibit allows you to traverse a digital directory of projects documenting contacts and divergences in the Mexico and the United States border region from pre-colonial times to the 21st century. Here we compile active, in-progress and inactive projects that make use of digital and/or technological components. This digital collection of projects past and future shows the US-Mexico borderlands from different perspectives: literature, historical archives, art, oral histories, music, etc..

The curation of this exhibit is the result of the collaborative work of academics from different universities in Mexico and the United States. Each project included in this index has the approval of its creators, or the data collected is based on information provided directly from the projects’ sites. It should be noted that there were projects that were not included since their authors/institution did not approve of their incorporation, however, this does not mean that United Fronteras excludes them, or is not aware of this material/topics as part of the Mexico-USA borderlands’ digital cultural record. Likewise, United Fronteras is constantly identifying and open for the incorporation of projects that comply with the established protocols.

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